About Parent Link

Parentlink was established in 2007 in Wiltshire, where I worked with young parents and their children to encourage bonding, nurturing and confidence building within their new world of parenting.

These skills were taught during workshops covering infant massage and discussion times where questions were openly asked in a friendly environment with both experienced parents, professionals and group discussion with parents of a similar age, all of which were experiencing similar concerns.

This service then developed further with Parentlink offering workshops to both Single Dads and Single Mums who experienced many difficult choices and had to deal with their new, very needy addition alone.

These workshops proved to offer the support these parents craved and introduced new friendships and life bonds within the group. 

A huge support network was born.

Parentlink also worked with Connexions, Wiltshire County Council and NEETS kids providing them with unique courses in anything from Mechanics to Pottery, Nail Art to working with animals. 

These courses gave the participants a Foundation Level Certificate in their chosen field and a future to future career choices.

In 2010 Parentlink was relocated to Hampshire where a new string was added to our bow. 

A huge and very successful part of Parentlink now works with parents and their additional needs children. 

We are extremely lucky to have an amazing Manager with the support of experienced and dedicated staff force, we engage with the families and arrange a variety of clubs and activities offering support and respite, advice and assistance in their everyday lives.

With each family we meet and every corner we turn we face new challenges which we strive to add to our list of services to ensure continued and much needed support to our community. 

Our current services are all funded using grant money obtained through a variety of sponsors, to who, we are all truly grateful.

Samantha Nash