This is an Outreach Service providing Support and advice to families in our Community

Whether you need:-

  • General Advice
  • Assistance with DVL Forms
  • Support in Applying for Benefits
  • Help with Statementing your child
  • Form Filling
  • Respite
  • Mediation
  • Counselling
  • Anything, Parentlink can do to help or at least advise you on a trustworthy person that can.

Our first Telephone appointment or meeting is FREE of charge and strictly confidential, at this time we can let you know if and how Parentlink can help and give you a firm costing of any services you require.

Our rate is between £15 and £35 per Hour depending on the support.

Take the first Step, Call us and have an informal chat:

We can help put your mind at ease.

We understand the frustration and at times, the barriers you face, let us help.

You can depend on our friendly and personable staff us to show you the respect and support you need and to understand the sometimes stressful situation you face.

We are committed to assist.